The Lindell Artist Agency's mission is to provide careful and appropriate introductions between artists and projects. LAA is not a gallery, third party vendor, or sales representative; the agency functions to further the creative work of our member-artists and their professional relationships. We do not receive commissions from sales generated through our services or introductions. In addition to working with artists we also work with architects, landscape architects, and businesses to further the scope of their talents.

The Lindell Artist Agency provides robust individualized management to its member-artists. We educate ourselves about you, your art, and your hopes for professional development. This knowledge is distilled into a cohesive overview that is the basis of your management plan. LAA offers direction and guidance to optimize professional writing, marketing materials, branding, website presentation, and advertising efforts. Additionally, LAA will work with you to:

  • Identify your strengths and revenue opportunities
  • Target the appropriate markets for your work
  • Refine your presentation and marketing materials
  • Develop and implement efficiency systems to capture cost benefits
  • Connect you with vendors and fabricators whose skills can enhance your work
  • Introduce your work to new markets, architects, designers, and consultants